Corporate, Social & Special Event Catering

We offer several catering styles from truck service to drop offs to indoor/outdoor buffets & just about everything in between. Below we've outlined our more popular catering options for you to peruse.

If you don’t see what you're looking for – shoot us an e-mail, we’re always open to new ideas.

Truck Service

Full and limited menu options available.  


We offer a wide range of passed and stationary appetizers as a stand-alone option for informal reception-style events and/or, in addition to our other catering options. With thirteen crostini, eight small bites and more than a dozen stationary apps there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Our Taco/Slider Bar encompasses the flexibility of a traditional buffet with the added innovation of a truly guest driven dining experience. Let your guests create their own masterpiece from the preselected options you choose.

They’ll revel in the chance to mix and match creative fillings with delicious toppings and sides and all you have to do is pick three fillings, three vessels, five toppings, four sauces and three cheeses. 


The full-on buffet is perfect for wedding receptions, office and holiday parties, and family reunions.

Create a truly unique menu tailored to your guests whether they be picky eaters, self-proclaimed foodies, or "in the biz."